Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hazel is two months old now. 

It’s odd to think that a couple of months ago she was a stranger to us, sleepy and new. Now she’s one of us, irrevocably; the placid one with the impressive mullet and giant, whole-body smiles.

It’s odd to think that this time last year she didn’t exist. It’s odd to think that the blob we first saw by ultrasound last December has turned into this gorgeous, baby-shaped girl. It’s odd to think that the other blobs we saw in ultrasounds for my previous two pregnancies, the blobs that didn’t live past eight weeks, that they had the potential to turn into baby shapes, too. I don’t think I’d really understood that before.

I’m so, so thankful that this blob made it.


  1. Oh, this photo and post made me teary! I'm so very glad she made it, too.

  2. I want to FB like Jill's comment.