Monday, October 14, 2013

Fodder #1

Sometimes brands do things I don’t understand. On the upside, their silliness provides me with blog posts (see Exhibit A, Exhibit B, or Exhibit C for examples).

This is a Bonds easysuit, which was so called EITHER because the cheeky folk at Bonds thought it would be hilarious to mess with the minds of parents (plus “ridiculously difficult suit” is long and probably wouldn’t sell as well) OR Alan and I are putting it on totally wrong. If anyone from Bonds is reading (HEY!), Ive come up with a-not-too-different-but-far-more-accurate alternative name:
You’re welcome.


  1. I hear you! Folding a squirming baby in half to put on this suit is so "easy"!!

    1. YES! That's it! And all the while Hazel looks at me (with her feet up at her ears) as if to ask, "What, pray tell, are you DOING TO ME?!"