Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fodder #2 (or Poo #2)

I was surprised to see this on the box of nappies I bought the other day:

Bowel movement? What happened to “poo”? Are we not allowed to say “poo” anymore? I thought bowel movements were something old people did (had? made?) while everyone else pooed, but apparently I was (or now am – have the rules changed? DID I MISS THE MEMO?!) wrong. And now I’m not sure if animals poo or do (have? make?) bowel movements…
Child: What’s that down there, next to the path?
Parent: That’s a dog’s bowel movement.
Child: And what’s that white, runny thing on the side of that car?
Parent: That, my dear, is the bowel movement of a bird.
Can we go back to “poo,” please? I like “poo” better.


I’d have added these clips to the Poo post, if it hadn’t taken me OVER A YEAR to get the videos from my phone to my computer.

 (Just quietly, HOW CUTE WAS MO?!)


  1. So, so cute!

    "Honey, could you please change the baby's nappy, I think she's done a bowel movement."

    I say this all the time ;-).

    1. LOL! "Eewwwww, there's bowel movement everywhere!"