Saturday, October 19, 2013


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The other night I was wondering what the equivalent of a winter doona is in baby blankets, and I found myself thinking, “Doona. Doona. What a funny word!” Then I thought, “I could write a blog post about funny words - I could list 50 or so!”

But then I couldn’t think of many others, so I decided just to aim for a list of 10 or so. And then I realised that in fact I couldn’t think of any others.

Doona is funny, though. Doona.


  1. I've seen lots of dry cleaning places call them "dona" - it always makes me giggle :-)

  2. 'Mull' is funny too.

  3. Some of my current favourites are 'lozenge' and 'jube'

  4. I've just three posts in a row, this being the third, and I am crying laughing.
    You make me laugh!
    Love ya!