Thursday, October 20, 2011

The third (and final) stupid thing I’ve come across in the last month

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I realised the other day that I’d bought the ‘Cheddar Cheese Flavoured’ Bega cheese sticks for my son rather than the ‘Original’ ones that he likes.  When I called Bega to ask about the added flavour I was told that it was dehydrated cheddar cheese that was added to the mozzarella cheese. I (of course) asked why, if Bega made cheddar cheese, they needed to add cheddar cheese flavour to mozzarella cheese? Couldn’t they just make cheddar cheese sticks? “Oh, we do!” was the excited reply.

For those of you who are confused, it turns out Bega makes mozzarella cheese sticks for kids, cheddar cheese sticks for kids, and cheddar-cheese-flavoured mozzarella cheese sticks for kids. Apparently they also make Swiss-cheese-flavoured mozzarella cheese sticks for kids. I didn’t ask whether they have cheddar-cheese-flavoured Swiss cheese sticks or mozzarella-cheese-flavoured cheddar cheese sticks, but it was clear from our conversation that Bega is the kind of company that would already be on top of all of the possible cheese combinations.

I let the woman know that the packaging of the different flavoured cheese sticks was unhelpfully similar, and hung up feeling tired.


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