Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All talk

I’m very much looking forward to my son starting to talk the same language as me. For one thing, it will be a huge relief to have him explain the cause of his crankiness rather than me having to constantly guess. I can’t wait to be able to ask him what’s wrong and have him reply, “My gums really hurt” or “I’m hungry” or “I think it’s separation anxiety” (he will be very self-aware).

Although right now he’s extremely patient as he repeats himself for my benefit, I fear he will grow increasingly frustrated with my slowness until one day soon he will simply give up on trying to communicate with me forever.

Him: Bubbadoos. Bubbadoos!

Me: Barbecues? Bubble juice? 

Him: [Leaves room, rolling eyes and shaking head]


At the moment his most clear and consistent word (is it a word?) is “uh oh”, which reveals quite a lot about the kind of little boy he is and the kind of parents we are. A couple of weeks ago he dropped a bottle of my husband’s old cologne on the bathroom floor – “UH OH!”. Our apartment still reeks like a teenage boy on a date. He also says “mummy”, which would be quite touching if it was reserved just for me. “Mummy”, however, also means “Daddy” and “I want that toy” and “Hello, strange person” and “Look, there’s a cat”, among many other things. It helps that he points.

Stay tuned for a future blog post, maybe somewhere around the “But, why?” phase, in which I wish that my son would not talk so much.

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  1. *spoiler alert* he's hungry a lot. and because I can tell the future, I think he's going to be hungrier in the future.