Sunday, October 16, 2011

The second stupid thing I’ve come across in the last month

While waiting in the babies section of a department store recently, I somehow managed to get completely caught up in browsing and comparing the wide range of potties available. For those of you who have not had this pleasure, I can tell you that potties are all fairly similar. There’s not too much you can do with a plastic seat for number one and two-ing in except change the colour or the height of the sides, which is indeed what some companies have cleverly done in order to catch the eye of weary, toilet-training parents (slash people who are distracted easily).

Perhaps the Gruen Transfer peeps would agree that it’s when products are so similar that one is likely to see the most bold and ridiculous advertising, but I was still surprised by one of the selling points on this ‘infa-secure’ (because you do not want your kid to fall off this thing while doing their business) potty:

As you can see, this particular B10 Comfort model of the Highback Potty apparently makes a “Great Travelling Companion.” I know you’re not supposed to think too hard about the space-fillers on packaging, but I just can’t help myself and have therefore compiled a list of 9 reasons why a potty would in fact make a very bad travelling companion:
  1. A potty cannot choose or change the music
  2. A potty cannot take over the driving when you start to feel tired
  3. A potty cannot pass you snacks/beverages/tissues
  4. A potty cannot pass your child snacks/beverages/tissues/toys
  5. A potty cannot play Spotto
  6. A potty cannot check maps or give directions
  7. A potty cannot chat
  8. A potty cannot send a text to let someone know that you’re approximately 30 minutes away
  9. A potty cannot “keep its eyes peeled” for toilets/road signs/food stops
They're all I can be bothered thinking of (suggestions are welcome, bien sûr*), but I feel like these are enough to justifiably recommend to infa-secure** that the line ‘Fits in a car’ is much more accurate. I would also highly recommend that someone immediately make up some ‘Great Travelling Companion’ t-shirts. I want one.

* This is French for of course‘. I like to use little French sayings every now and then, not to be pretentious but to try to convince myself that the 3 years I spent studying it at university were not a complete waste of my time.

** Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the company's name is all lower-case, but everything else on the sticker is unnecessarily capitalised?! No? Oh. Alright then.


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