Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A gift for Grandma

 (I should point out that my son was not unhappy because of his dad's haircut - we purposefully cut it while he was awake so that he wouldn't freak out, but he couldn't have cared less.)

I'm wondering exactly how to break the news to my Grandma, who has probably been praying for this day since she first found out that my husband was planning to grow his hair long. I really don't know whether it would be cruel or hilarious to post her this bag (thoughts, Maman?):
So my husband has short hair again. On the up side I will no longer be attacked by dreadlocks each time we hug. On the down side, he's lost all of his strength.


  1. Whoa! Surprise.
    I'll have the hair!!!! On second thoughts... No I won't.
    I'm thinking you could get away with sending it. Enclose a poem :)

    So I shouldn't send this link to Grandma, then?

  2. No! I liked the hair. You guys were my alternative friends in ministry :)

  3. Hmm the hair in the bag does look a little scary... I'm thinking Roman/Greek mythology: the snakes from Medusa's head...