Friday, October 14, 2011

The first stupid thing I’ve come across in the last month

Not long ago I opened up a new box of moisturiser from a company that may or may not start with ‘D’ and end with ‘ermalogica’ and found a helpful little booklet inside containing information about the product, such as the fact that it’s intended for excess oil production (*sigh*) and is made up of all sorts of exciting natural ingredients such as silk amino acids and cucumber. It’s stuff that you’re mildly interested in if you buy a product that you’ll be absorbing via your skin. But then, underneath that, was this handy picture showing you where to apply the moisturiser:

Okay. So I know there are some people out there who do misguided things like drink shower gel to clean out their insides, although the line ‘For external use only’ still makes me shake my head. But are there seriously people who don’t know where on their face to apply their facial moisturiser?! After recovering from my shock, I immediately began to imagine the kind of mail the company must receive (on a weekly basis, I'd like to think):
Hello! After seeing the picture in your instruction booklet, I no longer apply Active Moist moisturiser to my eyeballs and ears. Now it takes me nearly twice as long to get through a bottle, and my eyes don’t burn so much! Thanks, Dermalogica!
I'm also concerned by the fact that the face is broken up into so many segments, as if it were possible to buy a product which only applied to one cheek, the bit between your eyebrows, and the left side of your forehead.

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