Tuesday, August 26, 2014

There's a Cockroach in my Kitchen (A poem)

There’s a cockroach in my kitchen
I named her Princess Dee
I share a dog with Mum and Dad
But this pet’s just for me!

She lives under the cupboards
and she comes out just to eat
She seems to not mind savoury
but mostly she likes sweet.

I didn’t tell my mum and dad
about my newest friend
I feared this news would mean Dee’s life
came to a tragic end.

Then one morning while Dee and I
were playing on my bed,
My mum came in then screamed,
“That’s GROSS! I want that cockroach DEAD!”

“But Mum,” I cried, “I love her!”
and my eyes filled up with tears.
(This situation was the stuff
 of all my worstest fears.)

Mum closed her eyes and sighed
and put her hand up to her forehead.
“I’m glad you love her, honey,
Because I think that she’s horrid.”

“Look, keep her if you have to,
just as long as we agree
that she’ll stay far away from dad
and faaaar away from me.”

That night as we ate dinner
(it was crispy chicken fillet)
I told my dad about my pet
and asked him not to kill it.

My dad said he’d try not to,
and Mum said so would she.
These days they even sometimes
leave out snacks for Princess Dee!

So now my mum and dad are 
used to life with Dee around,
I wonder what they’ll think of George,
this huntsman that I found.
from here

Okay, now I’ll go work on my essay.


  1. please tell me this is fiction...

    1. This is most certainly fiction! The last one, however, was inspired by actual events.