Thursday, August 21, 2014

A postcard from Hazel to Hazel’s best friend

We went to Adelaide last week. I did lots of sleeping in my pram and yelling in the car. I ate lots of hot chips. I saw birds! And we got to hang out with Mum’s friend Erin (they went to high school together), Erin’s husband Luke, and their two boys, Archer and Elliot. Elliot’s smaller than me and he didn’t get cranky when I poked his eye! I got to touch his actual eyeball! But then Mum pulled me away from him.
I didn't get to touch Luke's eyeball, but I liked him anyway.

One day we went to visit a school that Mo and I might go to if we move down there. I wanted to see everything (Mo said there were chickens), but Mum and Dad kept me in the pram because they wanted me to go to sleep. I didn’t, but. HA! And then later that day we went to my aunty's place and got to meet a tiny baby who is apparently my new cousin, and I tried to poke his eye but Mum wouldn’t let me near him.

The next day we went to an Adventure Playground thing with Erin and Luke and their boys, and I was trying to sleep but all the grownups kept laughing and laughing. I don’t know what was so funny, but you know grownups – they seem to find the strangest things amusing (like that time I was stuck in a stool and Mum nearly wet herself she thought it was so hilarious. I was stuck. In a stool. What could possibly be funny about that?). The next day Mum and Moses climbed The Big Rocking Horse while Dad took photos. I slept that time. I was pretty exhausted. The most fun I had was when we were at home and Mo would zoom me around on a little car thing.
Also, we went on two planes! Mum and Dad kept saying it like that, with exclamation marks, but I don’t know what’s so exciting about going on a plane. I wasn’t allowed to move around, and Mum and Dad seemed to get agitated when I screamed (how else was I supposed to let them know I just wanted to crawl around and play? I was practically throwing myself at the floor, but they kept holding me up - I thought I was making myself very clear, but maybe they were too tired to understand?!?!). On the way home everyone was smiling when we were coming in to land and Moses was yelling, “I can’t hold it in! It’s coming right now!” I smiled too, but I was really worried for Moses – the poor kid just needed to wee. Grownups are so weird. Anyway, it’s nap time so I should go. I look forward to seeing you again soon, next time I’m near a mirror.



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