Monday, July 28, 2014


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I think I’ve found my spiritual gift: making the weekly handouts for church. Me + Microsoft Publisher = useful church member. I’ve somehow managed to become the handout maker at both our old church (where they were called ‘bulletins’) and our new one (‘news sheets’), and am perhaps the only person in the history of both congregations to have stepped into the role with the intention of getting out of it as soon as possible (so much paper! So few readers!). Fortunately our minister is on board with my wily plan to phase out the news sheet ASAP. 



In the last week, on separate occasions, three people I’ve been thinking about have then contacted me later that same day. My suspicions that I have some kind of psychic power have been confirmed are growing.


I like myself better in writing. I’m sure I’d get sick of it very quickly, but I often daydream about how good life would be if I could keep all relationships going purely through email; I reckon I’d be a much sweeter, funnier and more lovable wife, mother, friend and stranger if I could just write to everyone rather than interacting with them in person. I’d have to buy some software that would allow me to dictate rather than type, but that’s totally doable.


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