Monday, July 14, 2014

Study #2

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I was told last week that along with each baby you give birth to half of your brain, but when I noted out loud that that left me with none, my friend clarified that it’s not half of your original brain you lose each time, it’s half of what’s left. So I still have a quarter. (She’s not a scientist but it feels like it’s true, so I’m just going with it.) Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the quarter I have is the one that remembers unnecessary things like the lyrics to songs I haven’t heard since the 90s rather than important things like CLOSE YOUR EYES, ALAN remembering to take the car keys out of the ignition while you go shopping at Westfield OKAY YOU CAN OPEN THEM AGAIN NOW. 

I really don’t know if the quarter that’s left is able to write essays. I’m enrolled in a hermeneutics subject this semester – my final class before my Grad Dip is over and done with!! HOPEFULLY. I’m freaking out about studying again with less brain than last time, but I’m also quite excited about finally (HOPEFULLY) finishing up and being free to move on to my next (more employable) qualification. My poor quarter-brain is very confused with these mixed emotions. This could go very badly.


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