Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Sound of Music

I went to see the Rockdale Musical Society’s version of The Sound of Music recently, which reminded me how much I love the movie and wanted to see it again. The movie is so good - SO GOOD! - apart from the Climb Every Mountain song (booooooooooring, fast-forward) and the fact that they play How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria while (SPOILER) she’s walking down the aisle, which seems to rudely suggest they’re answering that question by saying, “You marry her off!”

The DVD I borrowed from the library was the 40th anniversary edition of the film, which had a whole disc of special features including all of the main characters reminiscing about making it and telling funny stories about injuries and getting the giggles and the fact that in the 1980s Ronald Reagan played Edelweiss for the Austrian ambassador thinking it was a traditional Austrian song rather than one that was written for the musical. I found all of the interviews and memories fascinating, and didn’t feel at all like an old lady for enjoying them so thoroughly. Not for a moment.


I remember when I used to watch The Sound of Music as a teenager, I’d think, “Why would anyone want to be a nun?” Now that I’m older, I watched thinking, “Man, being a nun looks awesome. Thinking about God distraction-free all day! Wearing black! I totally missed my calling.”


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