Monday, April 28, 2014

Dead as a dongle

Our dongle died, which means I’ve been without internet for the last week or so (except for moments like this, when we tether Alan’s phone and use his). We need a new dongle to be able to access the internet, but it’s difficult to find a new dongle without having access to the internet. It’s a conundrum.

We’re also changing carriers; I called Optus and asked what their new and exciting deals were now that it’s been a few years since we signed up – surely you can get more data for less money these days? Surely! It’s been three years! But apparently their new and exciting deals give you less data for the same money. I asked whether they have any special deals for valued customers who always pay their bills on time and bother to ask and who threaten to cancel their accounts, and they said…
They said no.

Oh internet, how I miss thee and thy connections to the world outside these here walls. May we be reunited soon, dear friend. Kiss kiss.


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