Monday, May 5, 2014

A post for Jo

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Hello! I've been thinking of you, and then thinking how weird it is to be thinking of someone I've only ever met through comments on my blog and be wondering if their baby's arrived yet and worrying how well they're sleeping and coping with life with two kids. I hope you're sleeping well (as well as is possible with a newborn), and that you're coping very well with life with two kids. :)

(Apologies to everyone else who reads this blog, I have none of Jo's contacty information and thought I'd give this a burl. We will now resume our regular programming...)

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  1. Oh so nice to read this! I thought I shouldn't stalk you but I've been thinking of you too. We are doing relatively ok and relatively ok is much, much better than things were at this point with no. 1. If it's not too weird, do you want to email me? Joannac at gmail dot com.