Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One in Christ: A Week of Mutuality

At the risk of forcing you all to wonder whether I should just change the name of this blog to What She Said if all I’m going to do is link to Rachel Held Evans’ blog all the time, Rachel Held Evans is running a series this week called One in Christ: A Week of Mutuality, which is dedicated to discussing an egalitarian view of gender—including relevant biblical texts and practical applications.” Her aim is to speak for egalitarianism rather than against complementarianism, which is something I’ve long wanted to do here but am now glad I didn’t.

Not all of her readers are egalitarian, and the conversation in the comments so far has been thought-provoking and respectful; if this is a topic you’re at all interested in or undecided on, I’d highly recommend checking out Evans’ (and others’) posts on her blog this week. And I promise I’ll be back soon with my own, non-Rachel thoughts.

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  1. Maybe you could have another blog called 'What She Said' and then you could have a collection of others' thoughts all in one spot.
    But it is nice to mix it up right here on this blog.