Thursday, June 7, 2012

Diary from the last couple of months, in haiku

from here
Think I have a bug;
feeling dizzy and dogdy
Wait, what date is it?

Test is positive!
Excited: Another bub!
Scared: Last time... What if?

Ugh, I feel awful
Hate nausea, love sleeping
And fruit fruit fruit. Mmmm.

Discover Pringles:
crunch plus salt equals perfect
Stuff fruit, man. PRINGLES!

Morning sickness sucks
Especially when it lasts
all afternoon, too

I hate acting well
when I’d really rather die
Somebody kill me

Toddler seems concerned:
“What happened to my mummy?
She used to be fun”

The first ultrasound
Please, God, let all be okay
Please please please please please...

So the ultrasound
Went better than expected
Two times better: Twins

One, two. One, two, three
That’s an instant family!
No more kids for us!

Twins! How will this work?
Two babies to feed, to bathe
It was tough with one!

Husband goes hunting,
finds the perfect twin stroller
Takes me back to look

It feels doable
More so now I’ve read a book
about septuplets!

Spewing is awful
Spewing in public is worse
Pregnancy hates me

Sick sick sick sick sick
Groan groan groan groan groan groan groan
Spew spew spew spew spew

Second ultrasound
8 and a half weeks along
Anxious. Wondering.

Two little peanuts
lying next to each other;
neither heart beating.

We finish the day
Play, eat, put Moses to bed
Staying calm for him

My husband and I
curl up and cry together
Once again undone