Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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It seems the part of my brain that converts my tangled thoughts into coherent sentences and the part of my brain that deals with creativity and inspiration have eloped. I wish their marriage every happiness, but I’m desperately hoping they return from their honeymoon soon because I have blog posts waiting to be edited and/or written, not to mention a college assignment due in a week’s time.

While I await their return I’m resigned to thinking in snippets about things like the fact that ‘seven’ is the only number between one and ten with more than one syllable. I’d never noticed this until last week, and now it haunts me: Would our world be different if that extra syllable didn’t pop up in most English countdowns?  Also, I found out that ‘tinyurl’ isn’t split as ‘tin yurl’ but ‘tiny URL’. It blew my mind.

Anywho, hopefully my important brain pieces will arrive back shortly and I’ll therefore be able to join you here again very soon. We have much to catch up on! In the meantime, here‘s another Rachel Held Evans “interview” that I really enjoyed, this time with feminist Dianna Anderson.


  1. I wonder if you were thinking about the syllable thing at the same time I was thinking about the syllables in the letters of the alphabet - it started when someone said they thought that ellemmenno was a letter of the alphabet.
    I like your snippets of thought.

    1. I remember when Sophie-Lee used to say ellemmenno like it was one letter! SO CUTE!

  2. Funny: I thought your first paragraph was proof that that hasn't happened!

    Also, have you read Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers"? His chapter on why the Chinese are so good as maths is really interesting :)

    1. It took me a ridiculously long time to come up with those two sentences!

      I haven't read Outliers, but will add it my list right now...