Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Well, the move’s over. The lead-up week was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad one – Alan’s bike broke down, then our car broke down, we ran out of nappies for Hazel while carless, Alan’s bike broke down again, Hazel didn’t want to sleep, and Moses noticed that Alan and I were stressed and preoccupied and used his brilliant three-year-old reasoning to figure out the best way to get our attention (IT WORKED BUT WAS NOT HELPFUL). And then, on moving day, the removalists didn’t show up, and when we called them to ask where they might be they told us we hadn’t booked them, and we were all like, “Um… but you sent an email this week to confirm that we had booked you…” and they were all like, “OOPSY DAISY. We’ll be there in a couple of hours, mmmkay?”

It was a week that tried to kill us, but we prevailed – go Team Morrow! I thought the removalist debacle was the culmination, but the next morning Moses and I went to the beach (which is 10 minutes away!!!!!!!etc.) and built sandcastles and frolicked, and I decided to see that as the culmination instead.

I’ve realised that I don’t cope very well with having to walk around things; I hate things being left in walkways, I find it stressful (shut up, I’m serious), and our hallways have been full of boxes since we moved in. I hate walking around boxes.

After a couple of weeks of having so many non-writing things to do with my time, my head is brimming with words: unwritten blog posts, lists of things I’d like to ponder on some more, lists of things I have to do once Moses starts preschool and ducking to the post office (for example) is therefore less of an effort, text messages to send, emails to reply to, yadda yadda yadda.
This last few days, those words have all felt like boxes in the hallways of my head that I keep bumping into and having to look out for as I go about my normal brain activities, and they’ve been making me feel grumpy and overwhelmed and stressed. So I’m writing again, unpacking the boxes in my head now that the boxes in the hallways of our new place have been emptied and flattened and moved out. It’s feeling better.


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