Friday, September 6, 2013


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From Hazel’s birth until last week, my life was an introvert’s paradise. I stayed mostly at home with my family, venturing out only when and where I felt like it, and time passed in a blur of naps and feeds and nappy changes and West Wing episodes. Visitors came mostly in ones or twos. No one expected me to remember anything or feel particularly chatty or function normally. It was quiet. It was safe. It. was. AWESOME.

I’m still feeling dazed after being catapulted back into The Real World where Alan goes to work and sisters get married in Adelaide and people argue with each other online and there are church events to organise and attend and a whole election campaign underway (it came as a bit of a shock to realise that voting for Josiah Bartlet won’t be an option come Saturday).

I want the bubble back.


  1. Yes, too much WW will mess with you. When we were in our intense WW phase, my husband and I were praying one night and he got about halfway through a sentence before realizing he was about to pray for the Bartletts!
    Hope you can survive the transition to the social world - sleep deprivation doesn't help!

  2. I have dreams about west wing characters when we've been watching it!

  3. I dreamt a lot about Mad Men, but haven't so much with West Wing (possibly because I'm sleeping far less...). I have, however, had to stop myself numerous times from speaking about the characters as if they're my friends in recent conversations with actual friends (e.g. "That happened to Josh/CJ/Toby, too!").

  4. P.S. Joanna, I love that you refer to it as your "intense WW phase"! I wanted to figure out and explain exactly what about that makes me smile, but (after trying - and failing - to articulate it) I've decided to head to bed instead. :)