Thursday, July 5, 2012


This post articulates the frustration I've been feeling but explaining poorly lately. A taste, to whet your appetite:
I just wonder if perhaps your congregation is actually full of people who long to know that they are more than sinners saved by grace, who long to hear that in Christ, they are saints who sometimes sin. I wonder what would happen if from the pulpit there were messages that energized them to learn what it means to live as a saint, fully loved and wholly redeemed. I wonder if the people under your care would be so inspired and intrigued by this New Creation Life you spoke of week after week, that they would be compelled, day after day, in the quiet of their own homes and hearts, to fall more in love with our Risen Lord.


  1. You need to visit my church :) This is one of our associate priests and he gives incredible sermons very much along those lines. Will see if I can hunt some down for you.