Friday, July 20, 2012


I don’t like shopping for clothes. Not only do I categorise all non-underwear items of clothing as startling expenses and therefore invariably feel guilty while paying for them (which lasts for up to a week afterwards, no matter how often I shower), the combination of lights and sounds and busyness in shopping centres frazzles my brain and makes my heart pound anxiously until I leave. I would happily move to a much warmer climate and start a nudist colony in order to avoid having to fret about clothing, but alas, my husband (KILLJOY) seems to think that this is an extreme and ridiculous way to avoid having to set foot in a DFO ever again. Instead, I tend to wear clothes until they are threadbare, farewelling them sadly as they float down the street after being blown off my body by a strong breeze. Here is my old jacket:
It’s been my friend for almost 6 years now and we’ve been through a lot together, however there are certain places I feel uncomfortable rocking the “grunge” look, and classy Adelaide restaurants are among them. It was time to move on. Long and boring story later, after only 15 minutes of half-hearted browsing I FOUND MY NEW JACKET! IN AN OP SHOP! It totally knocks my Twilight find out of the number one Most Exciting Vinnies Experience Ever position:
It’s leather and it’s deep-plum-coloured and I’m now one motorbike license away from being the coolest person I know.


  1. Love your post!
    Having seen you in both jackets IRL I can say that you rock the look no matter which jacket you are wearing.
    Nevertheless, I congratulate you on your fabulous find.
    It may not be the lights and sounds and busyness of the shopping centre that cause your discomfort but simply the outgassing of formaldehyde and other toxic gasses frazzling your brain.

  2. That's so cool that you can actually see the brickwork through your old jacket! Since I have both a motorbike license and a leather jacket am I officially the coolest person you know?

    1. J, if that is indeed your name, I have seen you wearing SOCKS WITH THONGS, among far too many other mismatched items of clothing; you are certainly NOT the coolest person I know, but I love you dearly anyway. (I married you before the bike and jacket, after all...)


  3. 1. I hate clothes shopping too!!! We should be friends! ;P

    (The only time I ever get new clothes is when my mum gives me stuff that she has bought but then decided later she doesn't like.)

    2. Awesome find! Can't wait to see you in it :)

    1. If only I could knit as well as you do - that'd be another good way of avoiding the shops...