Monday, February 27, 2012


You know what’s really cool about this whole political contest? The Labor caucus may be the ones voting this morning, but it’s God who’s in control of the outcome. 

It’s a truth that’s brought me bundles of peace over the last few days and will continue to sustain me even if Tony Abbott (please, please no) beats Julia Gillard in the next election.

P.S. Albanese's on Rudd's side. It's probably unrelated, but I'm secretly convinced it was my email that made the difference.


  1. I emailed him too! When he came out and supported Rudd I felt super-powerful!

  2. If only you and I had had email addresses for the rest of caucus, we might have a different Prime Minister today! (I'm not even going to try to iron out the tense issues with that sentence.)

    P.S. Hello!