Friday, February 24, 2012


I wrote my first letter to Anthony Albanese this morning about my thoughts on the Gillard/Rudd showdown. I was inspired by this post to take advantage of the fact that I'm able to.

It's fairly clear that Rudd doesn't have the numbers to win and therefore may not even challenge Gillard on Monday, but I'm still feeling ridiculously nervous. In 2010 I sat on the couch for hours watching the whole drama unfold; it's much harder to stay on top of it all this year, with a toddler around. My son was unimpressed with Gillard's speech at her press conference yesterday, loudly demanding Postman Pat instead. Twitter's getting me through, though. For those who missed it, here's an overview of the last few days in Australian politics:

I really don't mind who comes out as leader of the ALP after Monday*, so long as Tony Abbott never, never, never takes over as Prime Minister. That guy gives me the willies.

* This is not true. Love you, Kevin.


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