Sunday, November 27, 2011

Belle battles complementarianism: Reason the third

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The final reason (for now, at least) I don’t think the debate between complementarians and egalitarians can be over in Sydney yet is that as much as I love Piper and Grudem, they’re not Jesus. It’s more than a little sad that the Reformers and translators in the past fought so hard and in some cases died so that we could read the Bible in our own language and our own home only to have us run to the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood instead for all things gender-related. We have the same Holy Spirit and the same Word as Grudem, Piper, Jensen, indeed any Christian minister who teaches us (including the egalitarian ones). I’d dearly love to see far more laypeople trying to work out this issue (all issues!) for themselves – them, the Word and the Spirit - rather than lazily agreeing with whatever the big guys say.

Here endeth the rant. I'm off on holidays.


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