Monday, August 8, 2011


I've been a little whingey lately, even after promising I'd try to be more positive. I won't bore you with a justification for my grumpiness....oh, alright! I will. But only because you asked.

Last week wasn't much fun: Both males in the house caught Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, which meant that we were in quarantine and deprived of company for most of the week. My son was miserable for the first part, my husband was miserable for the second. Being so empathetic, I joined in the whining from start to finish. It was a blast.

On Wednesday night our minister came over to share his compelling arguments for us not leaving his church, thus undoing all of the deciding we'd achieved over the previous month and making me question whether God had answered our prayers for guidance by making us feel right about leaving before our minister showed up, or whether they'd been answered by us feeling all confused again after he headed home. (Neon lights, please God! We need lights.)

We then had a huge weekend to survive, but I won't bore you with the details of that... oh, okay!

That was a joke; I really won't.

Anywho, to prove that I can sometimes be quite sweet and lovely, I've attached the video below for your listening/viewing pleasure.

You're welcome.


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