Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Second day

You’ll be happy (and, possibly, unsurprised) to know that Moses was not traumatised by the school drop-off yesterday. In the afternoon he explained, “I was sad for a while after you left because I just missed you so much…” (this made me cry) “…but then my teacher showed me around and I just started working and then I felt better.” He then told me about playing music with his classmates and eating lunch inside (it was raining) and said, “I feel like I already fit in!” (this made me cry again). And then he told me, “When I needed help the teacher asked a boy to show me what to do and it made me feel really loved that he would come and help me learn how to do things!” (I cried again; seriously, I was a mess). He’s made a friend, although he’s not sure what said friend’s name is.

(Me: Is it a boy or a girl?
Moses: A boy. 
Me: What’s his name? 
Moses: Ummmm... Jo? 
Me: That’s your teacher’s name.
Moses: No, John. Josh. Jo…den? Joden. 
Me: Joden?  
Moses: Yes. 
Me: His name’s Joden? 
Moses: Yep. It’s Joden.

I didn’t press the issue, though I was tempted to; “Really? Is it really?!)

Anyway. This afternoon when I asked Moses how his day was, he said, It was good. Actually, it was fantastic!

So there you go. If only I was better at waiting-and-seeing rather than sitting-and-fretting, I could have spent yesterday reading about multiple regression rather than wailing and looking for tissues. Sorry about that.


  1. I'm in awe of how he's articulating his emotions! Will be fun to find out about his friend's name :)

    1. Yes! I was thinking last night that Joden's not such a strange name (I kinda like it!) - maybe it IS Joden!

  2. ok, enough suspense. what's the name?