Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Clover" - A short story by 16-year-old me

Okay, this is the last one, I promise. As you read, please bear in mind that I was a) 16, b) a country girl; a tower with 80 floors therefore seemed extremely tall to me, and c) writing before mobile phones or the internet were a thing.

My hover board broke down today, so I had to walk to McDonalds for breakfast. Mum said the exercise would be good for me, but I was still really annoyed. Then when I got home I found Rowena on the floor. She had run out of batteries, which meant that the ironing hadn’t been done and I couldn’t wear my silver undies. Stupid robots. They are so unreliable.

Jessie rang up to tell me that she was going to the moon with her family. I was really annoyed because she’s taking Candy instead of me, when I was the one who took her on my family’s space trip last year. She is such a bitch.

I had lunch with Percy and he tried to get me to climb up on the roof of his dad’s work building because he said that when you got up there you could see the sky. I couldn’t be bothered walking up all those steps though, because the elevator only goes up to floor 80 in Percy’s dad’s work building. Anyway, I’ve heard the sky isn’t all that interesting.

Grandma turns 150 tomorrow and she said that when she was young, the sky was blue, not grey. But then Grandma also said that she was as skinny as Percy’s mum when she was younger, and I don’t believe that.

Sometimes I get jealous of Percy because he is skinny and so are his mum and dad. But then I remember that his family doesn’t have a telewall or a robot, and they only live in a house and they don’t eat McDonalds and Percy has to walk everywhere because his parents won’t buy him a hover board even though dad says they can easily afford one. And then I feel heaps better.

I couldn’t find the remote for the telewall so there was nothing to do all afternoon, and it was so boring just sitting around and thinking.

I should have good luck tomorrow, though, because I found a nine-leaf clover.

Grandma said that when she was young, lucky clovers only had four leaves.

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  1. Haha this is the best. Teenage angst in a futuristic world