Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ms. Sundays

So the podcast has a name now. It was just going to be called Sundays, but we gave our second episode the name Ms. Sundays and decided we liked that better (now to figure out whether ‘Ms’ needs a full stop; google is offering conflicting advice…). This second episode includes less giggling and less Alan than Episode 1 (which you can find here), and I actually manage to get out a few bumble-free sentences, unlike the first time around! Hurrah! As I’ve mentioned before, I much prefer me-in-writing to me-in-speaking, but I’m enjoying this opportunity to work on becoming at least slightly more articulate and less panicked about expressing myself verbally. Perhaps there’s hope for me yet.

This week includes a little more conversation about the idea of dressing for other people and self-esteem (following on from last week), as well as a brief discussion on using Miss, Ms. or Mrs. We then realised we were running out of time and squeezed in reviews of Citizenfour, Still Alice (the book and the movie*), and A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. Enjoy!

* I don’t know if I was unfair on the film version of Still Alice; I wasn’t feeling well, so probably shouldn’t have even watched the movie last weekend, let alone reviewed it. My mum saw it with me (she hadn’t read the book), and she rated the film 3.5/5. Just so you know.

Episode 2 | Ms. Sunday


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