Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dream/future film

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I’ve been having incredibly vivid dreams lately, which I’m blaming on the medication. I hope you’ll forgive me for writing about one of these dreams here, I keep thinking about it and it seemed so much like an awesome B-grade science fiction film that I wanted to put it on my blog in case someone comes up with a similar idea and I can point back to this post and be all like, hey, you totally stole my story, and then I’d convince them to let me work on the movie alongside them to make up for the theft. Or something, you know, I haven’t fully thought it through or anything.

So it’s set on a giant mountain, which is kinda the whole earth, and there’s a spiral path leading all the way to the top, and it’s very leafy and wet (I’m just going to come right out and say THINK TWILIGHT MOVIES). There are many levels, or “Altitudes,” on the giant mountain, which have to do with both the distance from sea level and also the idea of clans or countries, or something in between – like, you’d say, “I live on the 7th Altitude,” which would be (in our, actual, non-dream world) the equivalent of saying, “I live in Australia,” except with more of a class-system thing happening. (Dude, I am COMPLETELY cool if you want to go read something else now. Seriously.)

So the main character’s this girl/woman, who may or may not be me, and she’s a star runner (running seems to be a thing on the whole mountain, or perhaps just on/in her altitude/Altitude – lots of people run, but slightly more quickly and sustainedly than normal, non-dream people; it’s kind of a lukewarm version of a super power). So this girl/woman and her running group go on a camp to a higher altitude/Altitude and somehow the teachers in the group accidentally do something which means a massive explosion is nigh on wiping out at least that entire Altitude, but possibly also every Altitude below them, and they urge their students to run further up the mountain to try to get away ASAP. And there is fear and panic amongst the group, and then the girl-who-may-or-may-not-be-me spots a giant mushroom cloud in the distance, turns around, and bolts.

When we next see her, time has passed and she is inside a community centre-type building, higher up the mountain, and the people there have stockpiled food and are doing what they can to protect themselves from the effects of the explosion on the lower altitudes. The girl/woman is trying to be part of it all without revealing too much of who she is in case someone finds out that she was a member of the group that caused the explosion, and the leader of the stockpiling-food group, a dashing young man, is convinced both that there’s something shady about this girl/woman and also that he might be totally in love with her (look, I was asleep, okay? It’s not like I wrote this thing while conscious). Then people start running in from further down the mountain yelling about how the fumes are coming and they’re all going to die, and a wave of polluted bubbles starts moving towards them, and eventually they all suffocate on the bubble-filled air and die slow and painful deaths. THE END.


If you know how to interpret dreams, and/or would be interested in turning this into a Hollywood blockbuster, please get in touch.


  1. before I changed my medication, i was having super crazy horrible dreams ALL THE TIME. and they were horrible. I'd wake up in tears. the one that sums them up best was the one I had about vampire anal rapists.

    PS i'm assuming that noone else is reading these posts now....

    1. Have you seen Arrested Development? There's an anal rapist joke in that show that makes me find those words funny, even though they're really not. It's terrible.

      I had assumed the same thing about no one reading these posts anymore until you posted on this one today.