Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Study #[insert whatever number I'm up to here]

My course has started. I flipping love it. I get to watch TED talks and videos of Carl Rogers! I now know stuff about brains and neurons! Kind of! My first assignment is on whether or not punishment is an effective behaviour modification strategy in children! This is the stuff I get to study! It’s a crazy amount of work, but it doesn’t feel like work (it just feels like crazy). 

Admittedly, the class has been going for all of 5 days at this point.

I've been too busy to shave**
The class has now been going for 9 days, and all I can say is HOLY CRAPBALLS*. There’s so much reading I’m now surprised “reading for pleasure” is a thing. What’s that you say? I was reading for pleasure less than a fortnight ago? I DON’T BELIEVE YOU.


* I asked Alan which was more offensive, holy crapballs or holy crapface,“ but he didnt know. Maybe it’s the holy“ part that needs to be dropped, but I only ever feel creative with the second part of my exclamations... I shall add “Find less-offensive replacement for holy crapballs/face to my list of things to do when this first subject finishes (at the end of February).

** This actually isnt me (the photos from here). But speaking of photos of me, Alan took one that I actually liked! But did Moses and Hazel notice that I was dressed up (for a change) and that Daddy had the camera (for a change), and decide to do their utmost to get a snap we could maybe even frame and put up in our lounge room?

They did not.

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  1. I'm truly looking forward to learning psychology through you and the conversations we'll have.