Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Conversation with Erica (aka My First Podcast)

I recorded my first podcast today: a conversation with my younger sister Erica. It starts and ends with rambling about metaphors and jelly beans, but the middle part is mainly about her experience as a transgender girl. Because I didn’t stop and explain in the podcast, here’s some information that will hopefully make sense of the relationships she refers to: Erica has six full siblings, including Caitlin, Malachi and Susannah, who she mentions during our conversation. She also has four older half-siblings, of whom I am one; she and I have the same mother (her dad is my stepfather).

Erica made my first interview ever a smooth and enjoyable one, which was incredibly kind of her, and I hope you find our chat as fun/interesting/informative as I did. (And yes, I realise I say “Okay” too much. I promise I’ll work on that next time.)

The conversation (39.52MB)

1. Annelise and Erica figure out how to make the voice recorder work (1.72MB):

2. Erica talks about video games and rates the jelly beans (7.36MB):


  1. Thank you for sharing your very personal and intimate story with us Erica :)

  2. Yay, I love that you've done a podcast! It was great listening to your conversation with Erica, I want to thank her for sharing her story and wish her all the best as she continues her journey xo.