Monday, June 9, 2014

Vivid 2014

I’ve made two night excursions into the city since we’ve moved here: Michael Franti’s concert at The Metro (in April), and Vivid (Thursday night). I’ve been trying to say yes to things I’d never have considered because of the distance before we moved, and knowing we may not be in Sydney forever has made me keen to make the most of the time we have left here. Despite the fact that both trips have involved significant mistakes that have made me wonder whether staying at home may have been a better option (I found myself trapped in the QVB car park for 45 minutes or so after the concert, and at Vivid I managed to flick my lens cap into the sea and then accidentally delete my favourite photo from my camera), I’m still keeping my eye out for potential future outings. 

I enjoyed Vivid, if only as a chance to play around with my camera again. I’m not sure I would have liked it as much without the challenge of adjusting settings and trying to stand still enough to fill in for the tripod I didn’t bother to take with me; it was my first time there, so perhaps I’ll have to go camera-less next year and compare the experiences. I don’t have Photoshop (*looks pointedly at those who will choose future birthday presents for me*), so you’ll just have to imagine along with me how good these could look with editing. Also, there are lots of photos of the Opera House. Have I mentioned I love the Opera House? I love the Opera House.




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    1. Thanks! I look forward to seeing yours; perhaps you could dust off your blog and post some? ;)

  2. These are gorgeous - I love the opera house too. Sometimes I imagine just hanging out there for a whole day :-).

    1. Come! Do it! I'll join you!