Friday, January 17, 2014


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I’ve recently started making an effort to be more active in order to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans and avoid the need to go shopping for new clothes; this desire coincided nicely with the start of the new year, so voilà: a resolution. So far I’ve been walking in the evenings (when the temperature is dropping) and enjoying the chance to listen to podcasts and set my own (toddler-free) pace and smile encouragingly at all of the other walkers/joggers who pass by. I like walking, even during the summertime, it turns out.

The other day I was remembering with amusement a time when I went for a walk with a friend who walked faster and faster as we went on and I kept pushing myself to keep up with her until my shins splinted (medical speak, yo) and I had to beg her to slow down, at which point she told me that she’d thought I was the one speeding up and she was struggling to keep up with me. We never walked together again. I keep this in mind when walking with new people now, and always make sure we have conversations about the speed at regular intervals, just to make sure we’re not accidentally injuring each other.

I’ve also borrowed a few exercise DVDs from the library. One of them is specifically for post-pregnancy and promises in its blurb, “This video will pull the muscles back together.” I’ve had it at home now for a week or so and my muscles are still all over the shop; I’m starting to think I actually have to watch the video and follow the routine for it to work, which is quite disappointing.


  1. Good to hear the walking is going well, I'm more of a morning walker here, but like you, I enjoy the time away from toddlers and sharing the cameraderie with fellow exercisers.
    Hope that video starts working on those muscles soon ;) I am about to take the plunge and invest in some Pilates classes to work on some abdominal muscle strengthening. They are with a Physio so I am hoping that my private health cover will stop the costs getting out of control...

    1. Ooh, I also love Pilates - one of the DVDs I borrowed is a 10 minute Pilates workouts one, which is great (except that our rug smells... you notice things like that when you spend 10 minutes on the floor). Once the kids get older I'll be looking around for classes, I think - it makes such a difference having a reason to go out and exercise (1. People are expecting you to, 2. You've paid good money for it!).