Wednesday, January 29, 2014


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Alan got a job in the city and is now gone for around 11 hours of every day. It’s a big change for our family – since Moses was born Alan’s been either studying or working part-time, so he’s always been around to eat breakfast with Mo (they’re both early risers) and to share dinner cooking and preparation with me. Until we move closer he’s missing both, and we’re all adjusting to not having him around. There’s some serious separation anxiety going down. If Alan was to look back before zooming off to work on his motorbike, he’d see hands pressed against the window and a little face, tears spewing, screwed up mid-tantrum. And if he was to listen hard over the roar of the engine, he’d hear a long wail: “I DON’T WANT YOU TO GOOOOOOOO!

Meanwhile, Moses is happily tipping out the Duplo and saying, “Come on, mum – let’s make dinosaurs!”


Each morning I’m overwhelmed by the feeling that there is no possible way Moses and I will have enough to do to entertain us until the time we hear Alan’s bike revving up the street and pulling up out the front of our house. Every evening I look forward to that moment like a dog looks forward to the return of her master – “Relief! Adult conversation! It must be nearly the kids’ bedtime!” *tail wags*


  1. Congrats to Alan! I feel for you though: 11 hours!!! Hope you guys can move closer really soon.

  2. That's pretty intense! Praying you find a closer place soon.
    I've been getting those feels as I look after the Hardy kids for about 10 hours.


      (Thanks for the prayers.)

    2. Haha victory! I've tried a few times before but they never showed up. :(