Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sharing is Caring #2

They say that a change is as good as a holiday, and if you find holidays stressful and change stressful, this does seem to make sense. Alan resigned from his job last month, so we’re currently floating around in a weird, in-betweeny, waiting-for-one-particular-job-up-north-and-dreaming-of-living-near-the-beach-while-not-getting-too-excited-in-case-that-job-doesn’t-work-out-but-then-maybe-there’ll-be-others-near-the-beach-ooh-wouldn’t-that-be-lovely-but-oh-dear-where-will-Moses-go-to-preschool-now kinda state. This all means that it’s likely we’ll be moving in the next (little?) while (2 months? 6 months? WHO KNOWS?!), and so we’ve started looking around at all of the stuff in our house and wondering what we love enough to bother taking with us if the move is over an hour away and truck space will be limited and valuable.

One of the things I’ve decided to let go of is my CD piles, which for many years and moves have been used to decorate the area surrounding my stereo (see Figure 1).
Figure 1
It’s just the cases I’m getting rid of, not the CDs – I’ve bought some CD wallets online and have just spent Hazel’s sleep time organising the piles into alphabetical order of artists and compilations so that they’re ready to be slipped in once the wallets arrive. (Putting anything in alphabetical order makes me so happy that while I’m doing it I always wonder if I should just stop fighting the urge and become a librarian and spend my days feeling intensely satisfied. [I refuse to put my books in alphabetical order, though, because aesthetics trump system when it comes to my bookshelves. Perhaps a library job is not for me after all…])

Anyway, it’s because of this CD sorting that I can now share the following riveting facts about my CD collection with you:

1. My smallest stacks (with only one CD in them) are the letters Q (Queen – Best Of), T (Taxiride’s Imaginate), V (Van Morrison- Best Of) and X (Xavier Rudd – Food in the Belly).

2. My biggest stacks are D and C, but if I take out Alan’s Dave Matthews and C. W. Stoneking, the biggest become M (because of artists like Michael Franti, Moby and Miles Davis) and E (thanks to multiple albums by Enya and Eels).

3. I own no CDs by artists beginning with U, Y or Z.

I can’t believe it was almost a year ago that I put up my first (and only, until now) Sharing is Caring post, especially seeing as I was introduced to two now-loved songs because of it thanks to your comments. That means it’s been almost a year of me thinking up ideas for other Sharing is Caring posts and then not actually posting them. However, they also say better late than never and so here, my friends, is a playlist of 10 of the songs I voted for in Triple J’s Hottest 100 of All Time (the songs also happen to feature on my own All Time Favourites list), and I'm sharing them in the hope that you, in turn, will let me know some of the songs that you havent stopped loving despite the fact that it’s now 2013 (rather than the late 90s - waaaah):

El Scorcho - Weezer

System of a Down - Chop Suey!

The Cure - Friday I'm in Love

Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench

Bran Van 3000 - Drinking in LA

Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You

George - Bastard Son

Radiohead - Karma Police

 Sinead OConnor - No Mans Woman

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Zephyr Song


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