Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mo's MasterChef-style cold

Moses is currently sick in a way that would make MasterChef proud; I’m not sure whether to call the last month ‘The Deconstructed Cold’ or ‘The Cold Reinvention Test.’ The first week-and-a-bit was apparently The Snot Challenge (he lost points for the lack of colour variation*, but scored well on consistency and volume). The following week he presented us with something Ill call Sneezy-But-Otherwise-Seemingly-Well (I didn’t mind this one, although it lacked substance) but then came down with a brief tummy bug that didn’t seem to be part of the Cold plan, although we weren’t entirely sure.

He obviously realised that if he continued at that rate, he’d be dishing up illnesses until July, so the next week he experimented with a concoction of temperature, cough, sleepiness and misery. The main component wasn’t the cough or the sleepiness, as I expected, but the misery. He certainly gained points for his ingenuity, although he lost some for over-seasoning; I’m having a hard time getting through the amount of misery he’s served up.

I hope this is the end of his offerings. I’m stuffed.


* Clear snot confuses me. Is it bad? Is it contagious? IS THIS A COLD OR IS IT NOT A COLD?! Hence the loss of points (I want you to know I was trying to judge fairly).


  1. Oh man! I hope he feels better soon :( I hope you guys don't get it either.

    Clear snot usually means no infection. Yellow & green mean infection & that's when he should stay away from others. A temperature also indicates infection.

  2. Snot and a bit of a chuck go together in my experience.