Sunday, May 26, 2013


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A little while ago I walked past the ad above in a chemist window. As I speedily read through the symptoms I wondered if it was an ad for pregnancy; it’s not (it’s an ad for Iberogast). I’ve been thinking about this poster recently, because I’m finding it hard to figure out if my weariness and my general feeling of bleh and my negativity and my desire to avoid people and my sudden bouts of tears are a sign that Depression is lurking (I feel as though I’ve spotted him outside and heard him knocking, but when I go to the door, he’s never there), or just the result of this month’s particular combination of hormones and pregnancy-related exhaustion.


  1. No! No! No! Black dog, begone!

  2. woah.. i just saw you comment on mel's wordpress blog and was like.. waa! you blog??
    crazy... check it out.

    Its Justin btw :))

    1. I kinda realised it was you from your login name. :) I can't believe so many church friends have had secret blogs for so long! So many new blog buddies...