Monday, February 25, 2013

More bits and pieces

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I’ve decided to ditch the term ‘my husband’ on this blog; it sounds too possessive and impersonal. From now on my husband will be referred to here as ‘Alan’, partly because it’s short and easy to type, but mostly because that’s his actual name.


Thanks to a gift voucher and stacks of free time, I’ve seen five films at the cinema over the past few months: Pitch Perfect, Les Misèrables, Life of Pi, Argo and The Impossible. I was originally thinking that this would mean five separate blog posts, but the reviews I wrote were so tedious that it would be cruel of me to post them. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the films, for different reasons and in different moods; you should see all of them! Especially Argo. (Although if you don’t like movies that make you cry, DO NOT SEE The Impossible.)


Our television finally died (it was a hand-me-down from my grandparents), and we bought a new one a couple of Fridays ago. We told the woman at the shop we were looking for a small TV, but the ones she took us to were too big; we ended up buying one from the “tiny” section. It’s so light and thin! And there’s a DVD player built in! It’s crazy to think that only 10 years ago new televisions were almost as deep as they were wide; I could barely carry the TV I had before my grandparents kindly donated theirs to me. Anywho, we had to take our new TV back and replace it because the permanently-green pixel ended up bugging Alan too much after I pointed it out to him. And then I had to go back again two nights later because we realised we’d left a DVD inside the one we’d returned. JB Hi Fi is a dangerous store for me to spend any time in; the masses of CDs, the volume of the music and the coolness of the staff all have a hypnotic effect on me and I have to fight the urge to buy albums by artists I’ve never even heard of.


I’m still nervous about this year; since high school ended, odd-numbered years have generally been less kind to me than even ones, and so I’ve started to approach them with caution. As with alliteration, I get a little weird about numbers: I feel more comfortable setting my alarm for 8:01 rather than 8:00 on the dot, but finding out that Moses was due on the 17/8/10 (one odd, two evens) had me panicking (he arrived on the 28th, bless him). This baby’s due on the 4/8/13, and unless he/she arrives late (like, on the 13th) or on an odd day in July, I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable with the birth date.


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