Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My holidays are officially over: I had my first class yesterday. Well, the first hour of my first class, during which I realised that it would be impossible for me to do two subjects this semester – especially if one is a theology subject covering giant topics such as predestination and what happens after we die – and get the rest I need and be a fun mother and kind wife and diligent laundress and actually learn stuff rather than scraping through just to finish my Graduate Diploma. So I walked out, dropped the course, and went to the library to work on my first assignment for my second class, which will now be my only class, which is on tomorrow morning.

We had a good summer, from what I noticed each time I took a break from obsessing over pregnancy things and popped out of my shell to observe life in this world. I managed to get most things crossed off my holiday to-do list, although I still haven’t joined the ALP or toilet trained Moses. We went away a few times, and had water fights, and played at the local pool for hours, and hunted down air conditioned spaces, and Moses discovered Hide and Seek. He hasn’t quite grasped it yet: he says, “I hide in the cupboard and you come find me?” and I say, “Sure! I’ll start counting, but don’t tell me where you’ll hide!” and he says, “I hide in the cupboard, okay?” And even though he knows we know where he is, he’ll still peer out regularly to make sure we’re still searching for him rather than making the most of the quiet with a cup of tea and a book.

Some photos of our summertime shenanigans (forgive the colours of the last four especially - I’m too tired to fiddle and try to make them pretty):

This last photo was a highlight of my holiday (along with the wedding at which it was taken!). It was snapped by one of the photographers from Love Katie + Sarah and I love love love it; it's nice to have a photo of me and Moses to go with the squillions we have of him with my husband, even if said photo features me with a squished nose and hair that looks so dry it could snap:

To do:
- Copy post from Word to blogger.
- Upload photos.
- Insert something pithy about the year ahead to finish this post.
- Go to bed.


  1. You're going to join the ALP? And I love the photos :)

    1. Yeah, I think so! I decided I couldn't whinge about what the party was doing if I wasn't also bothering to tell them what I wanted them to be doing and listening to their reasons for doing what they do. And I've forgiven Julia Gillard now for the whole K-Rudd thing, so it seemed like a good time to join. :)