Sunday, December 9, 2012

Post title

Although I enjoy naming live things, I hate naming my writing. This started back in school, and I have proof: 

This is a photo of three of my polished pieces from Year 12, each of them title-less, as Mrs Curtis has so kindly pointed out. I lost marks for not giving them names.

It’s somewhat ironic that coming up with titles continues to be a drama in my life because of this blog; I’m terrible at naming my blog posts, and still don’t have a reliable system for it. Many of my posts have short and/or uninformative names (like Conundrum’ or Er...), but I’ve also dabbled in long, too-informative names (like this one [I can’t be bothered typing the whole thing out, it’s too long]), and others have slightly wanky names like The Journey that I ended up deciding on after arguing with myself about it for, like, hours. These fights always end with, “IT DOESN’T ACTUALLY MATTER, BELLE, JUST POST THE FLIPPING THING!!” But it does matter, and I dwell on a bad title for days afterwards.

I’m confessing this just in case you’ve read one of my post titles and thought, “Really?!” – I KNOW! I feel the same way. I’m really sorry, I do try. If you’ve made/picked up any instructions for post naming, I’d truly love to hear them. And if you start seeing posts with titles like d’Artagnan or Fern (or any other name I rather like but would never be allowed to call my child), you’ll know exactly why.


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