Thursday, December 6, 2012


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Holidays + husband still away + Microsoft Paint = new look for blog.

Is it too loud?

I'm freaking out right now. It all happened rather quickly and I'm still not sure I've done the right thing. Interestingly, this is exactly how I feel every time I cut myself a fringe...


  1. I normally read this blog through an RSS reader, so I don't see the actual page too often, but I think this looks fine! You'll change it again when you need to :)

  2. Ooh, pretty! I couldn't tell the difference at first, just that the font was different. But then I clicked on "view web version" (I always read your blog on my phone) and then I could see the rest of the design. I think it's funky. I think you could change it whenever you like depending on your mood!

  3. Looks good, I like it. Simple and clear. I know what you mean, I had my old one for about 4 years, and then one day on a whim I decided to fiddle, an all of a sudden the whole old familiar template was whisked away and I was left reeling. Still haven't come to grips with it, and am still unhappy with the partially finished new layout.

    Yours is a goodun though. Keeper.

  4. THANK YOU, all! I think I'll be sticking with this one for a while - the time it took and the panic it induced are not things I'm keen to go through again any time soon. :)