Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello, blog!

from here
It's been a while. I've missed you!

Just wanted to check in and say a brief howdy. Tonight's for unpacking and washing and recovering from beach mission with a glass of whiskey and an episode or two (or three...) of Brothers and Sisters (Jill, I AM HOOKED), but I may be free tomorrow night?

Looking forward to catching up, friend.



  1. :-) glad you're enjoying it.

    I love that photo!

    Looking forward to reading your writing this year


  2. whiskey? Didn't pick you as a whiskey drinker :)

  3. Jill: You commented!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! And it was a Monday! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Sonia: Jack Daniels is a whiskey, it turns out (I read the bottle to check before I wrote it)! Calling it whiskey sounds far less bogan. Does it all make sense now? :o)