Wednesday, December 28, 2011


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It absolutely breaks my heart to watch other kids at the playground respond to my son’s gorgeous, eager eyes and friendly smile by roughly brushing him aside. He’s never physically hurt by their meanness, but shock and confusion are clearly written all over his face before it crumples and he starts to wail. No one warned me that my son’s hurts would hurt me. The lioness in me wants to rip the heads off the little brats who, completely unprovoked, treat him so unkindly.
And this is only kids who are too young to know better! What happens when my son’s older? When someone teases his haircut at school? Or he slips in soccer and misses the goal his team needs? Or he’s rejected by the girl he loves? Or he misses out on the job he’s desperate for? Just thinking about the inevitable disappointments he’ll face makes my insides ache; how will my poor heart survive him growing up?


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