Friday, December 9, 2011

The Holiday Part 1: Highlights in Words (with some pictures)

We spent the first four nights of our holiday with good friends at a lovely holiday house in Orient Point, which is near Culburra Beach, which is near Nowra. On the first day I learned that:
I fell off halfway down. It was invigorating and made me want to move on to more reckless activities, such as sliding down a hill on a large block of ice (many thanks to Kev for this suggestion), or.... 


Nope, I'm too tired to think of something funny. Sorry.

On Tuesday we had races on little bike doovalackies (picture below). Amy won. I was pretty sure I’d mastered the things and was going to win, but I totally lost. By, like, 10 seconds! I was crushed. But happy for Amy, of course. :o(

Wednesday was date night!! We had a choice between the Chinese restaurant in the street or the Chinese restaurant at the local bowling club. After much deliberation we chose the bowlo, and were embarrassingly excited to discover that they also made steaks and hamburgers and it was trivia night! I got slightly tipsy by drinking more in one sitting than I had since my son was conceived in 2009 (TWO WHOLE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, it was quite the bender), while trying to be of help to my trivia-champ husband. I did get a wildly-guessed ‘Bob Dylan’ right for one of the CD round questions and also scored us 10/10 for the famous faces in round 6, so that's at least 11 points I contributed. We didn’t win, though I sincerely believe we could have come very close if we hadn’t missed the first two rounds.

I always leave trivia nights feeling like I should know far more about geography and history than I do. I’m pretty sure I would have studied much harder in high school if Mr Smith or Mrs Cameron had explained to us all that learning things like which countries border Italy or what year the Bubonic Plague hit London would quite likely win me a $10 bar voucher during a future trivia night at Culburra Bowling Club. I might send them an email.

I can’t remember Thursday. We probably hung out at the lake or the beach and ate stuff and chilled out and had a jolly time, seeing as that’s what we did most of the other days. It was gold.

And then on Friday morning we set off for The Holiday Part 2...

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