Friday, July 8, 2011


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A while ago I was surprised to find out that my mother couldn’t bear to use different-coloured pegs when hanging a piece of clothing. I'm okay with mismatching pegs but I do have a penchant for alliterative scheduling. I’ve recently wondered if these tendencies are a slightly less-weird strain of Mum’s obviously-genetic obsessive illness. Planning to do things on phonetically-appropriate days of the week brings me an inordinate amount of joy. For example, when my husband says, “When can we sit down and talk about mission?” I say, “A mission meeting? Why, that sounds like a task for MONDAY!

I work hard to adjust words so that they fit, mentally flicking through my internal thesaurus for the perfect name (Well, I can't see the movie on Monday because of the mission meeting... So I'll have to watch the film on FRIDAY!). It disappoints me that there is no day starting with ‘p’ on which to host regular pizza and pasta parties. Also, when am I supposed to clean the house?


  1. Love it!
    "Slightly less weird"?! I don't think so!