Friday, December 18, 2015

Things that make me VERY CRANKY #529: Booking things

from here

ME: Hi, could you please tell me how much it costs to hire a car seat per day?

HER: It’s $10.10 per day. Would you like me to work out how much it’ll be for the car as well?

ME: Sure! [Provides relevant details]

HER: Okay, so it’ll be $4 bajillion. Oh, and we don’t have any car seats for those dates you’ve given me.

ME: Right. Wait - $4 bajillion? The website says $3 bajillion…?

HER: Yes, it’s cheaper to book online. But if you want to guarantee a car I can book it for you right now?

ME: But you don’t have car seats for the dates I’ll need them for…

HER: That’s right. But for $6.60 per day you can hire a stroller! Would you like me to book for you?



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