Saturday, June 6, 2015

Vivid 2015 and other photos

I went to Vivid again! I rebelliously decided to take my camera (despite having recently reread my Vivid post from last year), and have since decided that approximately 93% of Vivid’s funness is made up of photo-taking for me. I’d rather take photos of someone pressing a button to make a light work than to be the one pressing the button to make the light work. 
This year we started at Milson’s Point and then walked across the bridge to get to The Rocks and Circular Quay. I loved the extra lights around, especially in The Rocks; they made up for the fact that the Opera House designs moved far too quickly and did a poor job of outlining the sails (fortunately I have approximately  78 bazillion photos of Opera-House-during-Vivid photos from last year to look at instead). 
5% more of the funness is noticing and appreciating light everywhere…

And the remaining 2% is made up of fits of giggles with your mum and sister after an embarrassing incident involving a narrow train aisle, two people with backpacks, and a stubborn pair of hips.

Speaking of photos, I spent most of a recent family reunion (-type thing, on Alan’s side) hiding behind my camera’s viewfinder. Mo’s not a fan of having his photo taken (this is not entirely true: Mo’s a fan of having his photo taken pulling various faces while dancing around. I should have said either “Mo’s not a fan of having his photo taken while looking normal and standing still” or “I’m not a fan of taking photos of Moses pulling faces and dancing around”) and Hazel moves too quickly, so I was determined to make the most of the additional subjects. I ended up with hundreds of shots to delete upon our return home, and a handful that I quite liked. These are two of my favourites (you’ll see more in the birthday posts in a couple of months’ time):

I’ve been playing around with photo editing using Pixlr. I have no idea what constitutes “good” editing as opposed to “embarrassingly bad,” and I’m therefore worried about putting up my results here in case they fall at the latter end of the spectrum. Does it all come down to subjectivity? Is one of these photos below better than the other? Are neither any good? I don’t know. I want to know.
I'll add Learn how to edit photosto my bucket list.


P.S. Two weeks until my class is over and Ill have time to blog again! Hurrah!


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