Thursday, April 11, 2013

Writing about not writing

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When I first told my mum I’d started a blog, she asked me what the theme of it was, what it would be about. I told her it didn’t really have a theme – it would just be a dust-free place to store any thoughts I bothered to write down, as well as a creative outlet to remind myself that I still had a brain, despite the fact that my baby cared more for my boobs. From the beginning I’ve written about things I’d like to read about, which means I’ve tried to avoid simply documenting life’s mundanities – “My son did his first poo in the toilet on Sunday!” or “How did people ever get by without dental floss?!”– unless I find them hilarious and/or interesting.

Unfortunately for this blog, my life at the moment is entirely mundane; each week flies by much the same as the last (including my regular “IS IT THURSDAY TOMORROW?!” moment, which happens, without fail, at around the same time every Wednesday afternoon), which means that if I stick to the funny/interesting rule, I have very little to report here. (I’m not complaining; I actually enjoy times like these, when I have space to stop and smell the proverbial roses and take each proverbial day as it [proverbially] comes.)

Another reason for my absence is that I’m finding movies particularly entertaining at the moment. Every one I’ve watched over the last month or so has been amazing, including two Adam Sandler movies – Adam Sandler movies! It was my thorough enjoyment of these two in particular (Just Go With It and Spanglish) that made me realise that perhaps there was something hormonal going on rather than being a giant coincidence that every movie I watched was the funniest/saddest/cleverest/best one ever. I especially loved The Switch (with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston); I’ll have to watch this one again post-baby to figure out if it’s truly as gold as I currently think it is. Keeping up with my movie cravings has meant I’ve spent more time than usual scanning the TV guide for my next fix rather than trawling the internets and finding inspiration for blog posts.

I know I loved writing once upon a time, approximately 23 weeks ago in fact, and recently a couple of people have sent me links to lists that have made me wonder if I should make more of an effort to rediscover that love by writing more, so I’m writing. Here I am, writing away. Writey writey write. And now that I’ve finished explaining why I haven’t been writing, I have nothing left to write about besides the boring life stuff. So: how good is dental floss?!

I’ll try to keep it bearable, although don’t read tomorrow’s post if you hate that kind of thing...

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  1. So glad to see a post. I seem to always get a chuckle.
    I hate dental floss. Never flossed my teeth because I hate it so much. And then my dentist gave me these little spiky toothbrush-y things and those dental-floss-lacking places are being cleaned. Yay!